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New records at the World of Malvasia international competition

"Judge excellence and quality, reward wines that you would enjoy in the company of a loved one," are the words with which Caroline Gilby, the chair of the judging panel for Vinistra's International Wine & Spirit Competition and the World of Malvasia, opened these two highly esteemed events in the wine scene that take place in Istria!

A total of 740 samples are being evaluated, 40 more than last year, including 340 Malvasias from 11 countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Germany, and there are also two premieres - one Malvasia from Macedonia and three Malvasias from Australia. All the Malvasias are competing for the title of Best in Show - the best Malvasias in the world.  

The judging, which was attended by 50 judges and 20 trainees from 15 countries, is being held from April 9 to April 12 at the Parentium Plava Laguna hotel in Poreč. The results of the 15th World of Malvasia and the 30th International Wine & Spirit Competition are expected in about ten days.

The international competition World of Malvasia was established in 2009 as a result of global trends in the production and consumption of wines made from indigenous grape varieties that have a strong connection to the area where they thrive and are produced in limited quantities.

Caroline Gilby has been at the head of the judging panel for ten years and considers it an exceptional privilege to be part of this evaluation, which confirms that the quality of wine improves year after year.

"The fact that the highest number of wines has been entered so far truly signifies major recognition and confirmation that this competition is professional and well-organized. I would like to highlight our very successful collaboration with Vinistra, an organization celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. This is a small region in the vast world of wine, making it challenging to stand out. However, Istria has certainly managed to do so," said Gilby, who was awarded a plaque by the association for her special contribution to modern Istrian winemaking.

The climax of the celebratory atmosphere will take place at the anniversary edition of the most anticipated wine event in the region - three full decades of the Vinistra international wine exhibition will be celebrated in Poreč from May 10 to May 12!

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