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Record on the World of Malvasia broken

An evaluation of the most popular Istrian variety has been completed

Another record has been broken in the World of Malvasia competition! 273 samples of Malvasia from 10 countries were submitted to this year's evaluation from Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Germany, USA, Portugal, Montenegro and Serbia. The evaluation is held within Vinistra's international evaluation of wine and alcoholic beverages, which also received another 257 samples of wine of various varieties and 35 samples of brandy, added to the Malvasia samples for a total of 565 samples.

"I have been coming to Istria and Poreč for several years now and I have noticed that wines are getting better every year. We have just finished evaluating Malvasia from 2020 and 2021 and I can confirm that there are some great wines among them", concluded British judge, Caroline Gilby, long-time president of the evaluation committee of Vinistra.

The largest number of evaluators so far has arrived in Poreč, 70 of them from 15 different countries, including world-famous names:
Annemarie Foidl, president of the Austrian sommelier club
Thomas Costenoblea, oenologist and evaluation director of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Izabela Kaminski, Polish blogger and YouTuber with a WSET degree
Igor Sotric, British sommelier and assessor at Decanter
Đurđica Katić, sommelier from Serbia
Ivan Jug, Croatian sommelier and current winner of the Croatian sommelier competition

The scale of the quality of wine evaluation has risen over the years, and several novelties have been introduced. A gold medal requires 90 or more points, a novelty is a platinum medal for everyone having above 95 points, and the title of Best in Show goes to the best rated Malvasia in the world.

Champions of the World of Malvasia are traditionally revealed on the eve of Vinistra, the most attractive Istrian wine event, which will take place in Poreč from 6 to 8 May 2022.

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