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The biggest article about Croatia in Decanter ever, Istria in focus

In the latest edition of the most renowned wine magazine, a 14-page feature titled 'Croatia 2023' was published in collaboration with Vinistra and the Croatian National Tourist Board.

A great lover of Istrian wines and Master of Wine, Caroline Gilby, wrote in the newly published feature on Croatia in the latest Decanter that all four of our wine regions deserve full attention, with the emphasis on Istria as the most famous Croatian wine region.

This esteemed Decanter contributor described Istria as a region of independent spirit, a place where authentic wines are produced, and the Istrian landscape as dramatic with medieval villages on hills, olive groves, and vineyards everywhere.

Exceptional Malvasias and Terans
Gilby particularly highlighted Istrian Malvasia, which occupies more than 55 percent of Istrian vineyards, with a detailed description of its spectrum - from exceptional fresh to powerful aged wines. In addition to this most famous autochthonous Istrian variety, she also dedicated special attention to the autochthonous Teran, which, she wrote, can be both a beauty and a beast.

"Top modern versions are dark purple in color with juicy aromas of raspberry and blueberry, along with pronounced freshness. In aromatic, deeply colored rosés, you will discover a wealth of vibrant, fruity flavors," wrote Gilby about Teran wines.

Among other grape varieties, she highlighted the autochthonous Muscats - Momjan, Rose, and Yellow, and also mentioned Merlot, quoting an Istrian winemaker who said that with it, Istria can enter the Champions League.

Visit Istria - a wine lover's tour
In addition to the most popular regional wine exhibition, Decanter's feature also briefly covered the spring Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, for which the Vinistra association was an excellent host, thus opening the doors of Croatia to this prestigious evaluation.

Caroline Gilby wrote about our wine peninsula, and Jane Foster wrote about her Istrian wine lover's route, which includes Pula, Buje, Bale, Rovinj, Motovun ..., while Simon J Woolf provided an overview of the other four Croatian regions - Dalmatia, Hilly Croatia, Slavonia, and Croatian Danube."

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