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Virtuoso listed Croatia among top 5 global destinations in 2020

Virtuoso, the leading international travel agency network specialized in luxury travel, has listed Croatia among top 5 world destinations in three categories.

In the category of the most popular emerging destination, Croatia has been listed number one, and has left behind destinations such as Antartica, Island, Japan and Portugal. While in the category of the best millennial destination our country took the third place, after Greece and Bali, and before Island and Cambodia. Croatia has also been listed among top 5 global destinations, after Italy, Greece, France and Japan.

These are the results published in the annual survey made by „Virtuoso® Luxe Report“ which is based on the actual bookings for 2020 and it predicts the top trends in travel among which are the multigenerational travel, authentic, active and adventurous travel, family and celebration travel.

„Croatian tourism in the long haul destinations segment has the biggest travel turnover from the United States and the report issued by the prestigious Virtuoso has additionally proven the excellent position our country has on this extremely important USA market and it is also a proof that Croatia has an important role among the leading destinations for luxury travel guests.“, said Kristjan Staničić, director of Croatian National Tourist Board. He also pointed out that by this date from the USA market there are 627 thousand arrivals and more than 1,7 million overnights which represents the growth of 12 % comparing to previous year.

Virtuoso® Luxe Report represents the annual report based on the survey carried out among the world travel agencies and the travel advisors, members of Virtuoso network. Virtuoso represents the network of the best American luxury travel agencies with more than 20.000 advisors all around the world with annual turnover of 26,4 billion dollars. It includes more than 1.800 partners among which are upscale hotels and resorts, tour operators, air carriers, agencies, whose main objective is to offer to their clientele the unforgettable travel experiences.

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