Hiking trail: Labin - Rabac - Prklog

Walking trail Labin-Rabac is part of the protected landscape Labin-Rabac-Prklog and is a real gem worth seeing. The trail is relatively short, yet exceptionally beautiful, immersed in the lush sub-Mediterranean vegetation characteristic of the colder and damper Mediterranean climate such as the one along the entire eastern coast of Istria.

Park your car below the old town of Labin and continue on foot. The starting point of the trail is the local Tourist association, where the entire route is shown on its lateral wall.

A special attraction and beauty of this trail is constant criss-crossing with a wonderful (unnamed) stream that flows from Labin's plateau, on its way forming a number of waterfalls and small lakes. After immersing into the luxuriant vegetation, only the sound of water reveals the presence of this hidden secret - a beautiful stream with clear and cold water, with a dozen of small wooden bridges crossing it.

The trail has 15 characteristic points where you should surely stop, and two rest areas with stone tables and benches. The loveliest time is May when cyclamen in bloom cover the ground with a lively pink colour and fill the air with the sweet smell of spring. In addition to cyclamen, which are a protected species, this area has several characteristic autochthonous sub-Mediterranean species, mainly in the upper part of the trail, whereas in the lower part, close to the coast, there are elements of eumediterranean vegetation.

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