Hiking trail: Passing through the Old Town

Starting point is at the big parking lot by the pedestrian crossing along the Olge Ban Park then turn left by Nikola Tesla Street to the Liberty square where the Church of the Lady of Angels from the 18th century is situated. On the opposite side of the square there is the entrance to the old town core, nearby which is situated the Pentagonal tower from the 15th century which can be climbed.

Its continued straight down to Decumanus street at number 5, its worth to look at a Venetian palace with beautiful trefoil (so called flower gothic) and at number 9 a Baroque palace Sinčić from the 18th century in which the town museum is situated.
At the St. Eleuterij street intersection turn right to the Poreč Cathedral Euphrasius' Basilica from the 6th century which was enlisted with the whole sacral complex- the baptistery, the remains of pre-Euphrasius Basilica, the bishops' palace and the bell tower as UNESCO'S world cultural heritage.

You continue on through Euphrasius street along the park of Jurja Dobrile, up to Ljudevita Gaja Street then left on to the square Trg Marafor, once an ancient forum romanum. Then go back again on to the main street (Decumanus) next to an interesting Romanesque house from the 13th century and a few beautiful Gothic palaces again to the Eleuterij street intersection, then right to St. Mauro street and left along the Fisherman’s square on to the Franje Glavinića street again left to Decumans and just on the right there is the Pentagonal tower.
Behind the tower turn right onto Vladimira Nazora street, follow it to the People’s square where is situated the town theater from the end of the 19th century and a further down there is the picturesque Town Hall from the beginning of the last century from which one can turn towards the sea on to the waterfront and continue right, on Obala marsala Tita where nearby the Round tower from the 15th century can be found.

The town harbor is closed off by the island of St. Nikola which during summer can be reached by a ship, along the waterfront one can get to Hotel Palazzo (ex Hotel Riviera the oldest hotel in Poreč) and passed it to "riveta", the coast of Matko Laginja, which leads to the Istrian Assembly Hall, originally a Gothic church from the 13th century, during the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy the headquarters of the Regional (Istrian) parliament.

Passing the Italian elementary school (the building is connected to the Istrian assembly Hall) continue on the paved promenade by the sea (lungomare) by the coast of dr. Ante Šonje, pass the ruins of the Northern Tower from the 15th century up to and over to Teslina street then right on Pino Budicin street which again can take you to the Church of the Lady of Angels.
Turn left on to Zagrebačka ulica to the square of Joakim Rakovac (an old nickname Cimare) in its north east end, along the green market, again left on to Mlinska Street which can take you to the beginning of the trail on the big parking lot.

The trail length: 2.500 meters
Walking time: depends greatly on the time you spend sightseeing individual monuments and parts of the town as well as the summer crowd (most likely in the evenings and on cloudy days) mainly along the riva and Decumanus.

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