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Flos Olei

Flos Olei 2021

The prestigious guide awarded Istrian olive growers again

Istria - world's leading region in extra virgin olive oil production for the 6th consecutive year. The results of the Flos Olei, the world's only extra virgin olive oil guidebook were announced on October 7th 2020: the prestigious guidebook awarded 71 Istrian olive makers. Every year on that day, results are awaited with big hopes and excitement and fulfilled with joy for Istria, Istria’s tourism and especially for all the olive makers included in the guidebook.

According to the 2021 edition of the Flos Olei guidebook, Istria has won the title as the world’s best extra virgin olive oil producing region, for the 6th year in the winning row. The result is even of greater significance considering that the publication contains olive oils from all over the world - from 54 olive-growing countries. Istrian olive growers are positioned in the company of the best 500, with a total share of as much as 14 percent.

The brand new 12th edition of the so called "Bible" of the extra virgin olive oils includes 73 producers from Croatia:  71 from Istria and a couple from Dalmatia. Many of the Istrian olive oil producers achieved better results than the previous year, thus showing the extraordinary effort for improving the quality of the olive oil while using new producing scientific and technological methods.

This worldwide accomplishment certainly contributes to the branding of Istria as a gastronomic destination, since extra virgin olive oil is the essential addition to dishes and the basic ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine; due to its organoleptic and health properties it is appreciated all around the world.

The Flos Olei is the first international guidebook dedicated to extra virgin olive oils, selected by strict criteria. The panel of excellent experts-tasters is coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher, along with Laura Marinelli. The 2021 edition represents olive oils from 5 continents together with 86 maps of the olive grove regions, spreading on 884 pages in 2 versions: Italian-English and Italian-Chinese.

Flos Olei 2021
The most important highlights:
» Istria is ranked first for the 6th year in a row
» 71 Istrian olive oil producers are included in the 2021 edition
» 3 Istrian producers received the 98 rating (Mate, Ipša, Olea) for the 2nd year in a row
» 13 Istrian olive oil producers are awarded with the prestigious score of 95+ points