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The Agli Amici Restaurant in Rovinj run by famous chef Emanuele Scarello is the new star of Istrian gourmet scene. Italian chef Emanuele Scarello came to Croatia this summer to create a new gastronomic destination in Rovinj. The restaurant, located in a gorgeous luxury hotel, takes the codes from the culinary restaurant Agli Amici in Udine, Italy and uses local ingredients as a starting point, paying special attention to products from the Mediterranean and the Istrian region in particular. 

Istria has therefore become richer for another Michelin star since the prestigious Monte restaurant was reaffirmed and Rovinj has profiled as  a top and recognisable gourmet mecca not only on the national but also on the international scene.

"There is always great excitement before the publication of the new results of each edition of the red Michelin guide. For those chefs aspiring for a star, it is definitely their "D-day", whilst for the media it is another treat that I would say is thoroughly and critically discussed, and for those of us who manage destinations there is yet another motive, one which raises the reputation of the locality and gives us a great deal of quality material for targeted promotion.

Already in our first edition we received the first star in Croatia: the Monte restaurant in Rovinj broke the ice, but with the release of the new Michelin guide, which was long awaited given that the promotion deadlines had been moved back by almost six months due to Covid-19, it was just as exciting.

We then received another starred restaurant, I would say expected, since  Emanuele Scarello has had one star in his portfolio for 22 years, and has been the holder of two stars for the last nine years, but he had to prove himself in a new country, in a new city and in a new ambience, which is not easy at all in such a short period of time of just a few months. This is especially important because Rovinj once again is the first city in Croatia to have two starred restaurants.

Congratulations go to Monte, that has defended and confirmed its star all these years, and to the restaurant Agli amici Rovigno, that by choosing to come to Rovinj, put all their knowledge and reputation on the table, confirming their quality and placing yet another important stone into the mosaic making Rovinj one of the most prestigious destinations in Croatia and with an extremely strong potential to become one of the five most desired destinations in the Mediterranean. We are not far from such a reputation, but it will take an additional and significant effort from the people of Rovinj because only the best can "detach themselves from the very good ones" and show that they have that 10 percent extra, to which others are simply unable to aspire. Congratulations to all the other restaurants who have been included in the guide with recommendations, as well as to those who may have missed the listing but for a few nuances.

All of them confirm the quality of this destination in the best possible way, that is in the "depth of our team" if we speak in sporting language. Among them, although for the moment clearly hidden, are the new star chefs who may shine next year, especially those found in the north of Istria. We are also looking forward to their stellar promotion ", said director of the Istria Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević.

Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the MICHELIN guide, said the following for the official portal of the Michelin guide: “Croatia is a particularly interesting destination that allows travellers and gourmets to enjoy authentic and diverse gastronomic experiences. The country offers local chefs local products of exceptional quality, which makes them surpass themselves day by day. The last few months have been difficult for your country, not only because of the health crisis, but also because of the earthquake. Despite all these challenges, the Croatian culinary scene is growing, especially on the coast and in the capital. Our inspectors were able to find professionals who are passionate and committed to their country," Poullennec added.

Gourmets will be able to discover two new complexes in Istria adorned with the Bib Gourmand label:
Konoba Malo Selo from Buje which offers local cuisine with a rustic touch
Alla Beccaccia from Valbandon which reveals traditional cuisine specialities from the grill

And three new restaurants have joined the selection under the MICHELIN Plate label:
Luciano, San Canzian, Buje
Ribarska Koliba, Pula
Cap Aureo, Maistra, Rovinj

The new labels are the result of a secret tour of Croatian restaurants by professional Michelin inspectors, on the globally most important and most recognised guide for restaurants and on whise pages the list for Croatia has been published.

Michelin Guide 2021

Agli Amici, Rovinj
Monte, Rovinj

Bib Gourmand:
Alla Beccaccia, Valbandon
Batelina, Banjole, Medulin
Konoba Malo selo, Buje

Badi, Umag
Cap Aureo, Rovinj
Damir & Ornella, Novigrad
Konoba Buščina, Umag
Konoba Morgan, Brtonigla
La Puntulina, Rovinj
Luciano, San Canzian, Buje
Marina, Novigrad
Meneghetti, Bale
Pergola, Umag
Ribarska koliba, Pula
San Rocco, Brtonigla
Sv. Nikola, Poreč
Zigante, Livade

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