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Chef Roy Caceres

Metamorfosi, Michelin 1*
Rome, Italy

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Beef, wheat and mint (Homage to grandpa Salomon)

«Of emotions and technique, is contemporary cuisine nourished», Roy Salomon Caceres

THE TASTE FOR LIFE, Diary of Roy Salomon Caceres.

Bogota, 1977, Roy Salomon Caceres is born; a Colombian boy like many others, curious and resourceful, with great sensitivity that allowed him to capture the strong emotions and the great contradictions of South America.

A sports enthusiast, following his love for basketball, Roy dreams about playing in the NBA. While growing into his great passion for sports, he is also confronted by his other great passion, his grandfather.

Originally from Syria, Salomon Selim Sabbagh transmits to Roy the principles of the Middle Eastern taste. At this time, cuisine is still not a goal for Roy, but nonetheless he observes his grandfather cook Colombian inspired dishes mixed with spice notes from Syrian traditions, whilst fully enjoying the flavors.

Roy's life changes at age 16 when he joins his mother, who had recently moved there with his four brothers, in Rome. As a non-EU citizen he couldn’t join a local basketball team and is forced to play a new game. Roy gets his first residence permit and he shortly begins a hard apprenticeship as a dishwasher in the kitchens of different restaurants.

By following the chef´s gestures, his desire to understand the rhythms, secrets and techniques of began growing. This growing desire is what led him to follow the chef during his service.

His path continues to rapidly evolve, between emblematic Italian culture restaurants, training courses on new culinary techniques and a great love, Alessandra who would later become his wife and the mother of their three children.

The young chef in love with life, cuisine and family arrived in 2001 at Ristorante il Pellicano where he experimented a hard work and strictness in a big team.

A year later he came into contact with one of the great Italian gastronomic realities, and right there as sous chef of the brigade of Locanda Solarola in Castel Guelfo, 1 Michelin star, led by Chef Antonella Scardovi, encouraged by his Executive Chef, Roy became aware of his own potential as a performer of exceptional signature cuisine, thus becoming the chef of the Locanda Solarola since 2007.

As a great self-taught, the young Sous Chef turned into what you might call an academic of cuisine, interpreting his idea of haute cuisine through a taste education journey which denotes the right capacity and intensity in the creation of dishes to excite and at the same time satisfy the palate of guests.

In 2010, Roy became Executive Chef of the brigade of Pipero Albano Laziale, managing to win and convince with dishes that are welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Roman gourmet palates.

2011 arrives, and a new restaurant project opens its doors in the capital and Roy is guide the project. His creativity and his heart beats for both Colombia and Italy and they blend together in an exciting signature cuisine, kitchen of Metamorfosi, the restaurant with which, in 2012, Roy Salomon Caceres shares the results of the first Michelin star.

Today Roy Salomon Caceres is a prominent member of Italian gourmet cuisine. His creativity, combined with his innate talent to explore new things involves his guests in an ideal journey, as always synonymous of respect for raw materials and a metaphor of his cooking philosophy, looking for emotions, as intense as his life to be transmitted,

Unique flavors, involving those who taste them right from the start but hiding a surprise until the grand finale, a true taste experience.
Memories created through a plate that wraps those who eat it in multiple sensations. As in the great journey that is life, the more intense they are the longer they leave an indelible mark in our being.