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The Times: Best things to do

British The Times newspaper has published a major report by journalist James Stewart, who described Croatia's diversity through a selection of 21 activities in 21 destinations. In the text, Stewart pointed out the wealth of our cultural and historical heritage, eno-gastronomy, natural beauties and the luxury offer he considers worthy of the expectations of even the most demanding visitor.

He recommends the interior of Istria to readers as an ideal gourmet destination, inviting them to visit the towns located on the hill tops, while he singles out the Pula Arena as the ultimate stage where everyone will want to play the role of the Gladiator.  

He compares Pula, which lives with its ancient sights, to Rome, but also emphasises something that Rome does not have – its small sea coves lined with pine trees such as the beach called Seagull’s Rocks!

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