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New award for the Good mood/Good food video

This video about the originality and quality of local food and unique experiences in central Istria has won the hearts of juries at a number of film festivals

The Authentic Istria: Good mood/Good food promotional video, of which the backbone is the rich local gastronomy and good mood that Istrian local food promotes, won an award for the best Croatian video in the Tourist destination/region category at the Zagreb TourFilm international festival that took place from 12 to 15 October.

The Good Mood/Good Food video has already been recognised around the world by winning awards at several film festivals. It won second place at the International Tourism Film Festival Africa in Cape Town, a silver medal at the New York Festivals’ TV & Film Award, and then first place at two festivals in Germany – at the leading tourist film festival, The Golden City Gate in Berlin as well as at the Hamburg World Media Festival.

Authentic Istria presents the offer of the Tourist Boards of Central Istria, Buzet, Barban, Kanfanar, Svetvinčenat and Žminj and offers viewers the opportunity to get to know the flagships of Istrian cuisine: prosciutto, cheese, wine, čripnja (dishes baked under the baking lid), truffles, homemade pasta, desserts, while checking out how Istria can be experienced in truly authentic ways: sleeping on straw, driving through the fascinating pristine landscapes of central Istria, having lunch in a vineyard, tasting fresh ingredients in a field or on a boat, and generally inspiring viewers to explore these areas at any time of the year.


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