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SeaStar Hero Poreč turns care for the Adriatic sea into a fun activity

Sustainable tourism the Istrian way

With the arrival of hot summer days, free diving becomes a favourite activity, and the SeaStar Hero by DiveOUT Poreč project combines the pleasant with the useful. This innovative initiative allows all interested parties to join the fun activity of diving and exploring the undersea world while simultaneously participating in the removal of waste from the marine environment, thus becoming part of an engaged community that contributes to the preservation of our planet.

Why not get involved at one of the five Blue flag beaches in Poreč, where you will find special stations where you can pick up waste removal equipment. Participation is simple: you need to contact the person in charge of safety on the beaches and announce your participation, pick up a net and cleaning gloves, and start diving and removing waste from the sea.

Every diver who returns the equipment and surfaced waste will be presented with a symbolic reward in the form of a badge. Those who bring larger amounts of waste will receive a T-shirt with which they will achieve SeaStar status and benefits for one day in catering establishments throughout Poreč, thanks to the many caterers who gladly responded to the initiative.

By introducing this kind of activity, Poreč encourages anyone interested in doing a good deed for our planet, whilst at the same time providing the opportunity for everyone to show how caring for nature can be fun, stimulating and accessible to all. 10 Favourite Restaurants Of 2022

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