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The Times has selected the best autumn gourmet itineraries

Istria on the list of the 25 tastiest world experiences

The British newspaper, The Times has introduced its readers to the most colourful season with an article entitled 25 of the world’s tastiest autumn food experiences. The article was published in print on the first day of autumn and is also available online.

Since the months ahead are full of bountiful fruits and so inevitably associated with good food and drink, the author of the text, Richard Mellor, has selected an attractive itinerary with 25 destinations from all over the world and has offered them to The Times subscribers to choose from.

In addition to several British regions and the more distant countries of Mexico, Sri Lanka, Japan, the USA and Australia, Mellor has chosen 16 special itineraries to guide food enthusiasts through Europe. In addition to the north-eastern French region of Hauts de France, declared the European Region of Gastronomy for 2023, and Bordeaux and Médoc, he suggests a variety of activities to research, such as grape harvesting near Madrid, discovering young Austrian wines in the Wachau region, visiting the most charming Italian festival dedicated to chestnuts in Cuneo, as well as enjoying drinking hot chocolate by the canals in Amsterdam or tasting soul food in Helsinki.

One of the epicurean titles is dedicated to truffles. But while the classic, well-known places to participate in truffle hunting are France and Italy, author Richard Mellor reveals to readers another destination - something different and less explored - the enchanting Croatian peninsula - Istria!

He invites readers to try their hand at hunting for black and white truffles on this heart-shaped peninsula - quite the same as those in Italy, but not as expensive. And in addition to truffles, he emphasizes the excellent Istrian wine scene as an additional reason to visit.

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Richard Mellor, a journalist who returned to his professional roots after a career as a tourism PR expert, most often investigates travel topics and is the author of two books, thematic guides for short trips dedicated to gastronomy. 

The Times was founded by editor and publisher John Walter in 1785 with the intention of recording the "main events of time" under the name "The Daily Universal Register". It was renamed in 1788 as The Times and was the first newspaper in the world to use the Times name.


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