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The Week: Istria for nature and active holidays enthusiasts

The popular British portal The Week published an article by journalist Catherine Garcia as a travel recommendation titled ‘Istria, a Jewel in the Adriatic’. Noting that this idyllic Croatian peninsula actually flies under the radar of visitors, Istria is described as the ideal destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts of active holidays, such as sailing, hiking, or even truffle hunting.

Rovinj is presented as a picturesque coastal town with charming streets, a rich history, and an abundance of attractions, such as the Golden Cape Forest Park, a popular destination for walking or cycling. Meanwhile, emphasis is placed on Pula's Roman amphitheatre and the opportunity to explore a number of historical sites.

The Istrian gourmet offer, especially wines and truffles, is also highlighted. With a visit to Motovun and participation in truffle hunting, visitors are encouraged to taste local specialties in restaurants and taverns throughout the peninsula.


And speaking of British media, let's also add that the prestigious The Times has included Rovinj among the TOP 25 destinations whose best version you will experience in spring!

»» 25 short-haul cities at their best in spring

Between Athens and Budapest, and including Amsterdam, Vienna, Palermo, and Nice, Rovinj has secured the high sixth place as a picturesque coastal town, rich in Venetian heritage, where guests can enjoy the beauty of the coast as much as the local cuisine during the spring days.

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