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Croatia is nominated for the Best Country Award 2020

Croatia has been included in the selection for the prestigious Best Country award 2020, which is organized by the famous British newspaper The Times & The Sunday Times and The Sun. Croatia has been nominated for the best country in the world along with France, Turkey, USA, Dubai, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Thailand.

Voting will last until the end of October, and the winner will be chosen by the readers who can vote through the link, but also participate in the prize game which gives them the opportunity to win exclusive prizes, such as holiday on Barbados or Dominican Republic. Besides voting for the best country award, it is possible to vote for the best city, tour operator and airline.

The award ceremony will take place in November, probably online, since the current epidemiological situation. The Times & The Sunday Times are at the moment the best-selling print newspaper in the United Kingdom, read by almost three million people a day, while The Sun is one of the most popular newspapers with a monthly reach of over 37 million readers.


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