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Eco Domus among the TOP 100 sustainable stories

Istria has received the Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories certificate for 2022 as a prominent destination that cares about sustainable development. The certificate was given for the eco-accommodation program Eco Domus!

Having first confirmed the 15 basic criteria and another 15 additional ones according to the standards describing green destinations in the areas of destination management, nature and landscape, environment and climate, culture and tradition, social well-being and the private sector and communications, the Region of Istria submitted Istria to the competition as one of the world's best destinations with a story of good sustainability practice.

The Eco Domus - eco-friendly accommodation was also selected for candidacy. The eco-accommodation program was launched by the Region of Istria in 2017 in order to encourage diversification and to increase the quality of private accommodation through harmonisation with the principles of sustainable development and sustainable tourism.

The basic characteristics of the Eco Domus accommodation offer are social and ecological responsibility, the comprehensive protection of the environment and health, the use of eco-certified washing and cleaning products, the use of natural materials, water and energy saving, sorting and recycling waste...

»» The title of TOP 100 sustainable stories for 2021 was taken by Palud-Palù, the only ornithological reserve in Istria




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