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Istria in the top 100 world stories on sustainability

Palud-Palú: Zaštita biološke raznolikosti u manjim močvarnim područjima

For the seventh year in a row, the International Global Green Destination Foundation (GGD) has brought together sustainable green destinations and stories of good practices that can serve as inspiring examples to others. Among the awarded destinations for 2021 is Istria, which is included among the 100 best world stories regarding sustainability of the destination!

The Region of Istria, in cooperation with the Natura Histrica Public Institution, is nominated in the Nature and Ecotourism category under the Palud-Palú: Protection of Biodiversity in Smaller Wetlands story of good practice.

Palud is the only ornithological reserve within the Region of Istria. This shallow wetland area close to the sea to which it is connected by a canal, allows salt water to penetrate its shallow system, making it brackish. This makes Palud a coastal lagoon with a very specific habitat type that unfortunately is endangered along the Adriatic coast, primarily due to human activity.

Although it covers only about 220 hectares with just 18 hectares of wetland habitats, Palud is an important breeding ground for different endangered bird species as well as being a resting place for many migratory birds in spring and autumn. A total of around 240 bird species have been recorded in this ornithological reserve near Rovinj.

You can find out more about the winners and the Istrian story on the GDC portal:

»»» Palud-Palú


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