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Istria declared the best olive oil region in the world

In the latest edition of Flos Olei 2020, among 500 olive oil producers, 15 % are from Istria.

At the beginning of this week, the Istria Tourist Board representatives participated at the official promotion of the 11th edition of the leading world guide for olive oils Flos Olei 2020.  

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At the famous Excelsior hotel in Rome, after the awards protocol in 20 different categories (20 best), among which Olea BB is named the best 'company with heart', 300 guests attended the event. Among the guests were many national and international representatives, 40 international buyers, ambassador of Croatia in the Republic of Italy, Mr. Jasen Mesić, and ambassador of Holy See, Mr. Neven Pelicarić.

As a matter of fact, Istria is again declared the best olive oil region in the world, for the fifth year in a row. It is of great significance for Istria since 500 olive oils from 53 olive oil countries are in this edition and Istrian olive oil producers make even 15%.

This international success contributes to branding Istria as a gastronomic destination since the extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine, appreciated all over the world due to its properties.

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