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Istrian wines excelled in Decanter's special publication

Istrian Malvasia – a superstar of Decanter's Panel Tasting

In the prestigious wine magazine Decanter’s December issue, a special 12-page feature presents white wines from the region. Entitled Panel Tasting: Adriatic Whites, wines from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were evaluated, and Istrian Malvasia was declared the true star of the region.

A total of 151 samples arrived in London and of the eight rated as exceptional wines, as many as four were from Istria!

• Malvazija Santa Elena 2018. (Ipša)
• Amfora Malvazija 2019. (Kabola)
• Malvazija Sur Lie 2018. (Pilato)
• St Euphemia 2018. (Vivoda)

Caroline Gilby, the author of Decanter's Panel Tasting special publication is the holder of the prestigious Master of Wine title, an eminent wine expert, who, as president or participant of the jury of evaluation commissions in all three countries, is very familiar with the autochthonous varieties and wines of the region.

"Istrian Malvasia, the superstar of the judging, showed its potential in the entire spectrum of styles, from classic fermentation in oak barrels to orange and natural wines or those aged in clay amphorae and even in acacia wood. We noticed a very competent production of macerated wines and those produced with natural yeasts", Gilby wrote in Decanter's special publication.

Wines currently available on the market, preferably in Great Britain or the USA, were evaluated, and samples of blends could be sent in addition to single varieties. Wines from Istria dominated in other categories too: 40 of the 67 highly recommended wines were from Istria, with 38 of the 72 recommended being from Istria.

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