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Johann Lafer visited Istria in August

Istria continues to position itself as one of the most exciting gastronomic destinations in Europe.

That is to say, one of the most prominent television chefs in the entire German-speaking region, Johann Lafer, recently visited the peninsula. During his stay, an extensive editorial photographic production was carried out, which will be presented on as many as 13 pages of the autumn edition of the prestigious Lafer magazine.

In Singapore, at the end of July, he created new menus for Singapore Airlines as one of the world's best airlines, which the German television company ARD reported to a wide audience during a special one-hour show during the primetime evening program. Johann Lafer had already visited Istria in the previous August to make a detailed research of it.

This leading chef, who, among other things, has been awarded multiple Michelin stars, is counted among the most respected and highest paid chefs in Germany and Austria. The visit to Istria without any fees was arranged by Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber from ART Redaktionsteam, a public relations agency and a long-standing Istrian partner, together with the Istria Tourist Board.

"Lafer is simply a dedicated chef, passionate for cooking, wine and top-quality products. Alongside the director of Istria Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević, we have tried to present all the faces of the gastronomic destination of Istria!", Neuhuber disclosed.

During the three-day research tour, Lafer became acquainted with various Istrian specialities, from peka (baking under the baking lid) to fine dining, from orange to classic wines, as well as typical Istrian delicacies. In the interior of the peninsula, fuži (traditional pasta) was made by hand at Lina Veznaver, while in the Lim channel, at the invitation of Emil Sošić, oysters were tasted, while at the truffle makers, Pietro&Pietro, we of course went in search of truffles. Naturally, a tasting of prosciutto and extra virgin olive oil was not missing from the list.

Along with Lafer, was Patricia Bröhm, the long-time editor-in-chief of the prestigious Gault Millau Germany guide, as well as the top Hamburg photographer, David Maupilé, and Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber as presenter. Johann Lafer was delighted with what he discovered and has already booked his next private holiday to Croatia to "get to know even more of this fascinating country!"


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