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Lust auf Kroatien features the big Istria Special

The 32-page special segment in the current June/July/August 2021 issue of the German travel magazine „Lust auf Kroatien“ highlights Istria’s outdoor activities and cuisine

Travel to Croatia is possible in 2021. And the Peninsula in the country’s north offers manifold possibilities for outdoor adventures on and in the water as well as on land. Readers discover Istria’s local food, especially the region’s wine, olive oil and famous white truffles.

Outdoor activities in Istria
For a fresh perspective, the magazine encourages readers to explore Istria from a kayak. What’s more, the trend of stand-up paddleboarding has long arrived in Istria, and even SUP yoga lessons are offered. The hinterland’s hills attract mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts use the comprehensive network of bike and hiking trails for tours, including abundant culture and local culinary discoveries en route.

Rovinj - Mediterranean treasure
Rovinj is the perfect destination for travellers who can’t decide between action-filled holidays and a city trip. The picturesque seaside town offers a great mix of water sports, culture, shopping as well as fine dining and chic bars.

The Istrian cuisine
Moreover, the big Istria Special takes readers on a culinary tour across the Peninsula. The magazine highlights innovative winegrowers, who are turning Istria’s autochthonous grapes into surprising new wines. Istrian olive oils currently set trends from New York to Tokyo and win prestigious awards. Hunting for Istria’s famous real white truffles, one of the most expensive foods available, and the mystical little town of Motovun round out the Special.

The big Istria Special was developed in collaboration with the Tourism Board of Istria. The latest issue of Lust auf Kroatien is now available in stores or online at Previous issues of the magazine are also sold on this website.