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Medulin tree one of the most beautiful in Europe

In the heart of Medulin, on the main Placa (square) stands a 115 year old ladonja, Mediterranean hackberry, with its breath-taking treetop!

Medulin's "oldest inhabitant" already won the title of best Croatian Tree in 2020, and is now representing Croatia in the competition, among the 14 most beautiful trees from all over Europe, in a selection that aims to highlight the importance of old trees in natural and cultural heritage, looking especially for those trees that are rooted in community life, and which testify to the past and their connection with the people and their stories

Voting for the competition for the best European Tree in 2021 will be open until 28/02, so you still have time to add your vote!

The story of the ladonja - Mediterranean hackberry in Medulin - the tree of chocolatey fruits:

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