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New edition of Istra Gourmet 2019-2020 released

Istra Gourmet
The 23rd edition of Istria Gourmet, one of the most popular of all tourist promotional materials released by the Istrian Tourist Board, has been launched today at the press conference in Livade. It includes almost 500 places in Istria where it is possible to organize tasting of the best wines, extra virgin olive oils, prosciutto, cheese, truffles and other gourmet specialities that can be found in restaurants, taverns and agrotourisms.

The Istria Gourmet 2019/2020 guide of the Peninsula brings the detailed information about the rich eno-gastronomical offer presented in this unique edition bringing also some news in the content. The new sections in the guide are: „Hommage to the founders of Istrian gourmet“, Prosciutto roads of Istria, Cheese roads of Istria, Truffle hunting and truffle products, and moreover the Guide includes Wine roads of Istria, Olive oil roads of Istria as well as Istrian honey spots.

Besides the most important gastronomical products of Istria, it includes also the detailed and complete list of restaurants and taverns. Five restaurants listed as the best ones are Damir & Ornella from Novigrad, Monte from Rovinj, Pergola from Zambratia, San Rocco Gourmet from Brtonigla and Zigante from Livade.
The best taverns are the same as last year: Alla Beccaccia from Valbandon, Astarea from Brtonigla, Batelina from Banjole and Buščina from Umag.

The guide is in Croatian, Italian, German and English version, printed in 300.000 copies and distributed on all the info points of local tourist boards in Istria. It can also be downloaded on

Istria Gourmet integrates key projects that promote the autochthonous Istrian cuisine and its specialities, selecting the best gourmet places in Istria and promoting wine and olive oil tourism, as well as local products such as truffles, prosciutto, cheese and honey.

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