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Roam from Home: Istria in Travelzoo Virtual Campaign

 In spite of the challenging times we are currently facing, Travelzoo, a global travel platform launched its #RoamfromHome campaign, on the 2nd of April, and promoted Croatia and its regions, including Istria. The virtual campaign through photographs and video materials was realized via digital channels of the global media travel platform in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board.

We believe how the campaign realized through the social media channels of Travelzoo, with few million followers in the world, had a positive impact on increasing the interest and desire for travelling to our beautiful country, when this will be possible and that Croatia and Istria will continue to be 'top of mind' when speaking about travel.

Travelzoo is a global media commerce company, with more than 28 million members in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and 25 offices worldwide. Their travel platform is a destination for people seeking travel ideas and pricing.

It was possible to follow the campaign, from the cosiness of your own homes, and enjoy in the beauties of Croatia and its regions, including Istria, on the official social media channels of the Istria Tourist Board:
» Facebook: Visit Istria
» Instagram: Visit Istria
» Twitter: Visit Istria

Travelzoo digital channels on which the audience from all over the world could see the inspiring content from Croatia:
» Instagram: Travelzoo
» Facebook: Travelzoo
» Twitter: Travelzoo
» Pinterest: Travelzoo
» YouTube: Travelzoo


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