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Ultratravel: Be here now!

Istria on the list of TOP destinations for 2022 according to the choice of the renowned magazine Ultratravel

In its winter edition, the specialist American travel magazine, Ultratravel, presents Istria as one of the TOP destinations that should inevitably be visited in 2022!

In their Be here now article, author Lauren Ho highlights the most desirable new destinations that should be on the radar of readers in 2022. So Istria has also found its place among the world's many renowned destinations such as Cape Town, Kyūshū and Valencia, the Dock area in Lower Manhattan (NYC), Hong Kong, Oslo and Nashville.

The author states that Istria, a heart-shaped peninsula, captivates the titles thanks to its bucolic and undulating landscape, scattered hill-top towns, romantic cycling experiences and culinary delights, from truffles and extra virgin olive oil to wine. She especially emphasises the ICARUS project, an offer intended for cyclists that promotes train traffic in which passengers can bring their bicycles and thus explore most of the peninsula.

Pula's Zerostrasse is also mentioned as an attraction with a new elevator that leads from the underground to the very heart of Kaštel, from where visitors can enjoy the view over Pula. Among other things, Rovinj stands out as a gourmet mecca with another, newly won Michelin star, which, along with Monte, was also assigned to the Agli Amici restaurant. Pazin, on the other hand, is presented on an effective double page within a magical atmosphere of sunrise with a view of the famous castle.

You can browse and download the magazine on the following link:


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