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Vogue: Move Over, Tuscany!

Vogue - one of the most prestigious magazines in the world has dedicated an article focussing on wine to Croatia and Istria as one of its selected wine regions.

The dramatic title 'ordering' Tuscany to get out of Croatia’s way is a wonderful prelude to the words of praise that were then written for Pelješac, Konavle and Istria, which, according to author Julia Eskins' suggestions, are definitely worth a visit.

Furthermore, as stated in the text, these are not just idle phrases, as Croatia won as many as three platinum and 16 gold medals at last year's Decanter World Wine Awards, the largest wine competition, and as a result shone at the very top of the world wine scene.

In Vogue, the author specifically referred to the new generation of designer hotels and the modern infrastructure that attracts an increasing number of visitors, so she invites readers to move away from the usual tourist destinations this year and to "dive" into the more developing wine regions.

Text dedicated to Croatian wine destinations is available on the following link:
»» Move Over, Tuscany: Why Croatia’s Wine Regions Should Be on Your Radar


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