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Top 5 Walking Itineraries in Istria

Sports and recreation become more popular in the springtime, bringing new opportunities to discover exciting and unusual experiences of the Istrian peninsula.  

Istra Trail no. 711: Circle trail Pazin - Beram
Our itinerary begins in Pazin - in the heart of Istria - and the trail we are suggesting is 12 km long. The walk starts beneath the Pazin church of St Nicholas from where the trail leads you to the biggest and best preserved fortresses in Istria - the Pazin castle.

The road continues to Beram where you can take a short break and visit the St Mary on Škriljinah church along with the world famous Dance Macabre (Dance of Death) mosaic.

Istra Trail no. 501: The Trail of Scenic Views

If you stick around central Istria for a couple of more days, be sure to walk through the trail of scenic views in Vižinada. The trail is not long but it is full of interesting details. At the beginning of the trail, you’ll get to know the life of the famous ballerina Carlotta Grisi, while history and nature lovers will have a blast by walking on Parenzana.

Make sure you pass the Veli most (Big bridge) i.e. Sabadin viaduct and take a photo of the U20 locomotive in natural size.

Limski kanal
Istra Trail no. 442: Steep Shore Challenge
On the western coast of Istria in the unique landscape of Lim bay, enjoy the untouched nature on an 8 km long trail. Stop at the viewpoint by St Martin church where the beautiful vistas will not leave you indifferent.

If you have a little more time, visit the romantic Vrsar described as a “place of good wine and beautiful women” by the legendary Casanova. This town hides many viewpoints, quaint houses and narrow streets worth visiting.

Istra Trail no. 421: Landscape Architecture
A light, 11 km long circle trail begins and ends in Bale. Along natural beauties you’ll see on the way, pay attention to the trademark of southern Istria - kažuni (small stone houses used for storage by shepherds).

We are sure you’ll like Bale at first sight. The place is situated on top of a hill with narrow stone streets, charming bell tower and a breath-taking palace with gothic renaissance façade which will simply enchant you.

Istra Trail no. 134: Orchid Trail on Lower Kamenjak
On the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula there’s a trail leading all the way through the protected landscape of the Cape Kamenjak. It is almost 14 km long, but you will not be bored! The trail passes by the dinosaur park with the natural sized dinosaur sculptures, while the shore hides their authentic footsteps.

Porer, a small island with the lighthouse will surely draw your attention as well as steep rocks and canyons for the brave ones to take a leap into the blue sea. The unique Kamenjak flora with more than 500 different plant species will enchant everyone along with the orchids protected on this area.

Kamenjak Porer