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Istria and Portugal – a parallel wine masterclass

Two famous wine and olive growing destinations are presented together at tourist film festivals

Although they produce 30 times more tons of olive oil and 74 times more hectolitres of wine than Istria, the Portuguese are impressed by the high-quality production of our peninsula, and as partners of the Tourist Film Festival in Zagreb, have proposed a parallel masterclass with Vinistra, the association of Istrian winegrowers and winemakers.

An attractive proposal that cannot be refused, with great reason since wine and olive oil are the perfect accompaniment to film art, which will be achieved in October by means of a masterclass at TourFilm in Zagreb and in Portugal at the ART&TUR festival in Ourém.

Comparing the gold and silver medals for olive oil, the Portuguese were surprised by the fact that according to Flos Olei, the world's only guide to the best extra virgin olive oils, Istria has been declared the best olive growing region for the seventh year running.

Under the title “Olive and wine heritage in the service of promotion and sustainable development”, three wines and three olive oils from Istria and Portugal will be tasted.

Portugal will present itself with the wines of the Bairrada region and olive oils from central Portugal, while Istria has opted for the best-rated autochthonous wines and golden oils. Consequently, a maximum of thirty participants will have the opportunity to taste Festigia Blanc de Moi Vintage Brut sparkling wine (Vina Laguna), Malvazija Santa Lucia from 2017 (Kozlović) and Teran Il Primo from 2018 (Fakin) in Zagreb, and then in Portugal, as well as Istarska bjelica 2022 (Ipša), Buža selection 2021 (Meneghetti) and Aurum blend 2021 (Salvela) olive oils.


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