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Istria has one of the best Italian restaurants in the world

Agli Amici Rovinj on the prestigious list

This years's mid-December was marked by a ceremonial event dedicated to Italian cuisine – the Gran Galà della Cucina Italiana - where the 50 best Italian restaurants in the world were announced.

The famous Rovinj restaurant Agli Amici Rovinj run by the celebrated Italian chef, Emanuele Scarello is among the winners of the long-awaited award, coming in high at 11th place.

The ceremony took place on December 13 at Milan's Teatro San Babila in an atmosphere of true celebration after an intense year full of pleasure for the organizer of 50 Top Italy, an online guide to the excellence of Italian products, both inside and outside Italy, under the Made in Italy brand. The 50 best Italian restaurants in the world were presented at the ceremony, and special prizes were awarded at the event dedicated to those professionals who particularly stood out in the past year.

"Maistra's decision to agree to cooperate with one of the best Italian chefs and open his restaurant in Rovinj was definitely a very good decision. Furthermore, chef Emanuele Scarello had such faith in the restaurant’s success that in addition to the already legendary name of his Italian restaurant, he also emphasized the place this one is located - Agli Amici Rovinj - thus confirming with its position, that both Istria and Rovinj deserve to be a part of its reputation through the original name of the restaurant, with the name of Rovinj. By the way, "Made in Italy" is one of the world's strongest brands, taking a leading role in enogastronomy, restaurants and hotels, and even more so through the products they sell all over the world, and the fact that a restaurant from Istria is ranked high at 11th place will surely direct the focus of opinion makers, opinion leaders and influencers to Rovinj, Istria and Croatia", Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria Tourist Board affirmed.

The following words about Rovinj’s restaurant can be read in the guide: "A little over a year ago, Emanuele and Michela Scarello decided to open a gorgeous restaurant outside the borders, but close to Italy, in Istria. Occupying an attractive location between the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj and the city marina, the cuisine of the Agli Amici restaurant represents the pinnacle of Italian gastronomy at the moment. Here you will find modernity that does not forget its roots and therefore becomes legible to everyone, dishes presented in a different way using the highest quality ingredients. The kitchen is run by chef Lorenzo Lai, there is no menu, although three tasting menus are offered, each of which is dedicated to one stage of the journey, from the village of Godia near Udine to Istria and Rovinj. The service is perfect, and the wine list is superb, including territorial wines."

According to 50 Top Italy 2023 guide’s selection, "Da Vittorio" in Shanghai was declared the best Italian restaurant in the world, "Don Alfonso 1890" in Toronto was in second place, and "Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura" in Tokyo was in third place. The best chef in Italy is Davide Oldani, while the title of best chef abroad was won by Antonio Iacoviello.

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