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Istria has won the Gist Travel Food Award

Istria has won the Italian Association of Tourism Journalists’ “Best Food & Wine Destination 2022” award at the famous Italian TTG Travel Experience tourist fair

Istria was the centre of attention at the international TTG Travel Experience 2022 held in Rimini, Italy from October 12 to 14. That is to say, our destination was crowned with the prestigious Gist Travel Food Award, a recognition that the Italian Association of Travel Journalists dedicates to Italian and foreign excellence in the field of gastronomy and wine every year, as "Best Food & Wine Destination 2022".

Among the topics stated in the annual announcement, we read: “Sustainability is a criterion that permeates the world of tourism today, including oenological and gastronomic tourism. The latter, in fact, is not an isolated field, but is part of the territory, its ecosystem, its economy, its history. Food and wine tourism has always been a reflection of the global state of its time. Because food is culture.”

“The prize was won by Istria, which already in the 19th century had conquered the European nobility and intellectuals thanks to its natural beauties, its Venetian and Austro-Hungarian heritage as well as its Latin, Slavic and Germanic multiculturalism.  The Region of Istria and the Istria Tourist Board began impressive work on the development of tourism based on the agricultural and food sector. Wine roads and events related to extra virgin olive oil have been implemented, the tradition of truffle hunting has been renewed and thanks to its prosciutto, the first European certificate has been obtained. Great attention has been paid to renewable energy sources, natural parks and ecology. After all, a number of gastronomic events have adapted the territory of Istria seasonally and made it usable throughout the year,” explained Elena Bianco, president of the Travel Food Award jury, while the president of Gist, Sabrina Talarico, presented the award.

“We are very proud of the award, given that it was presented to us by the Italian Association of Tourism Journalists, who during the evaluation process had the opportunity to learn more about our destination, and it is quite certain that for this reason we have stimulated their desire to visit us in person. We are also happy to have been awarded in the category of gastronomy and wine. Although we are aware that this segment is a key driver in creating our image, this is especially important when it comes from a market that is very well acquainted with this topic and knows how to recognise both quality and excellence,” Denis Ivošević, director of the Istria Tourist Board said.

With this additional important award, the Istria Tourist Board crowned the year in which it continuously tried to tell the gourmet side of the Istrian peninsula: from wild asparagus in the spring to autumn truffles, through award-winning wines, exceptional extra virgin olive oils, cheeses and the inevitable prosciutto, as well as the presence - in such a small area – of two exclusive Michelin starred restaurants.


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