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IWC 2020: New Trophies for Istrian Wine

There is nothing more to talk about the uniqueness and excellence of Istrian wine - it was recognized by world experts, and it is always confirmed by the important awards and recognitions from all over the world.

At one of the strictest and most recognized international wine competitions, the International Wine Challenge - IWC, this year Istrian winemakers brought from England more than 50 medals. The prestigious award was given to the vinery Monte Rosso for the Monte Rosso Malvasia 2019 with very high - 95 points.

Medals from the prestigious international wine challenge held in Great Britain have been awarded since 1984, and excellence is awarded. Before it is awarded with IWC medal, at least eight judges taste the wine awarded. All wines are tasted blindly, without any information about the producer or prices. They are grouped by type, region, alcohol and sugar, ensuring that all similar wines are graded together. All results are posted on the web next to a photo of the bottle, to identify the winning wine.

The most esteemed wines will be awarded a special award "Best in Show" and a trophy, the gold medal is received from 95 to 100 points, while the silver is won after 90 to 94 points, following are the bronze medal and an honorary award.

It is a great honour to stand behind such a great recognition; we believe that our winemakers are more than proud of their successes, despite of all today’s problems, in the midst of the greatest historical pandemic, they are working diligently to promote themselves and Istria in the most beautiful light.

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