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The Telegraph: 15 Top Foodie Breaks

Istria one of the world's most attractive gourmet destinations

The Daily Telegraph, the British daily newspaper better known only as The Telegraph, has published a selection of the 15 most attractive trips in the world for gastronomy enthusiasts, among which our peninsula has found its place too!

Hannah Summers, a freelance travel journalist, has chosen both well-known and less popular destinations for Telegraph readers, pointing out in her introduction that she takes them on a trip around the world starting with a gorgeous European region where olive oil, truffles and wine are praised, but with a hint that she is not writing about Italy!

The part dedicated to Istria begins with the title Move over Tuscany, believing that Istria is worthy of taking over the Tuscan title! The text states that Istria has two Michelin-starred restaurants, but also that it is a great pleasure to eat a plate of homemade pasta spiced with white or black truffles.

The author has taken readers on a gastronomic tour around the world because she believes that food is not just a good meal but that gastronomy can help travel enthusiasts discover the history of a destination or bring some unforgettable acquaintances - from promising chefs to a granny whose family recipes that have been kept for decades will finally be tasted in her warm, little kitchen - and that this love for food is something that has a special power to bring us all closer together.

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