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Warner Bros. filmed the First Dates Hotel in Istria

Last autumn Warner Bros. filmed a special show First dates hotel for almost a month in the area of north-western Istria…

First Dates Hotel is a romantic version of a reality show in which single women and men from all over Germany have the opportunity to meet, spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere, and at best - to fall in love.

Under the motto "the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach", a blind date is organised, so if there is a spark between the couple during a romantic dinner, their stay at the First Dates Hotel can be extended. Then they have the opportunity of getting to know each other better on a second date to see how well they actually get along, and besides an unforgettable holiday in Istria there are a number of opportunities for them - from talking by the pool, sipping cocktails in the hotel bar, walking through the breath-taking Istrian landscapes...

Famous chef Roland Trettl, who once ran a restaurant in Salzburg, Ikarus - Hangar 7, crowned with two Michelin stars, is the charming host of the second season of the show, which welcomes charismatic singles to a dream location in Istria.

Warner Bros. has produced six episodes for the German television company, VOX and broadcasting of the season filmed in Istria began on February 8th and can be watched every Monday at 20:15.

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