Olive Varieties

Indigenous varieties


An old Istrian variety, cultivated predominantly in Istria’s northern olive-growing areas: Buzet, Buje, Umag, Novigrad, Motovun, Oprtalj.

Agro biological properties
Large, vigorous tree with a big trunk, broad foliage and long, solid branches. The fruit bearing branches are big, long and pliable. Leaves are long, tapered and silver-grey green. Drupes are medium to large in size and grow on a long stem. Much of this variety perished in the freeze of 1929, but it has completely recovered through propagation of sprigs from the stumps.

Fruit bearing
Good and regular.

Anemophile (wind-carried) fertilization. Cultivated with the other local varieties: Buga, Bjelica and Sim.

Resistance to adversities
Good resistance from common adversities.

Quality of the oil
Excellent. Fresh, bitter and spicy with a clean olive fragrance and sweet taste.

Introduced varieties

Principal olive varieties