Olive Varieties

Indigenous varieties


Indigenous variety, cultivated mostly in southern Istria (Vrsar, Rovinj, Vodnjan).

Agro biological properties
Average vigour even in ideal conditions. Numerous, expansive branches have short internodes and face out toward the light. Foliage is compact, dense and round. Leaves are dark green, with rounded tops on fruit bearing branches and slight points on non-fruit bearing branches. Drupes are symmetrical, medium-small (2,5g) and oval; purple with many spots during maturation.

Fruit bearing
Regular and continuous if properly cultivated.

Within the species, and with local and introduced cultivars.

Resistance to adversities
Considering the dense foliage, often attacked by Pollinia pollini, carrier of sooty mould. Good resistance to other common diseases and parasites.

Quality of the oil
High oil yield, intensely fragrant with a clear spicy and moderately bitter flavour.

Introduced varieties

Principal olive varieties