Olive Varieties

Indigenous varieties


Old indigenous variety minimally cultivated (only a few dozen trees) in southern Istria (Gajana).

Agro biological properties
Robust and large; the trunk is very big; foliage is expansive on robust, long, curved branches. Fruit bearing branches are dense and sagging. Leaves are olive grey-green silver, and tapered. Olives are oval, medium to large, with a dark red date-like colour from which the cultivar draws its name.

Fruit bearing
Moderate and regular.

Within the species, with local and introduced cultivars.

Resistance to adversities
Good resistance to common diseases and parasites. Most likely moderate resistance to lower temperatures since it is grown in a small, protected area.

Quality of the oil
Cultivated primarily for its oil, there is limited information on the quality of the oil since there are few plants and its olives are typically milled other cultivars.

Introduced varieties

Principal olive varieties