Olive Varieties

Indigenous varieties

Buža puntoža

Buza PuntozaOrigin
Together with the Buža, the most widespread local cultivar in Istria. Found around Rovinj, Bale, Vodnjan and Fasana.

Agro biological properties
Robust, with a big trunk and branches. Foliage is high and dense with numerous branches; leaves are clear green, darker than those of the Buža. Olives are smaller than those of the Buža and tend to grow in bunches with long stems. The tops of the olives have a nipple, from which the cultivar draws its name.

Fruit bearing
More regular and fruit bearing than the Buža.

Less sensitive to weather conditions during bloom than the Buža.

Resistance to adversities
Susceptible to peacock (or eye) spot (spilocea oleagina) and olive fly (bactrocea oleae).

Quality of the oil
Same as Buža. During processing, the paste obtained from grinding is similar in flavour to mature olives and apples.


Introduced varieties

Principal olive varieties