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Sotheby's Reside recommends truffle hunting

The June issue of this high-class magazine features Istria and Istrian truffles

For gourmet globetrotters wanting to take their experiences to a whole new level, Sotheby's Reside magazine offers unique, interactive experiences that call on their guests to "earn" their dinner.

In the Next-Level Interactive Dining article, the authors describe luxury resorts, secret restaurants and innovative tourism service providers that offer unforgettable activities to visitors with an added bonus - that they can enjoy the fruits of their own labours. Regardless of whether they are looking for an attractive gastronomic challenge or a practical experience, they urge their readers to definitely include the listed experiences worth travelling on their bucket list.

Among their recommendations is an invitation to the Istrian truffle hunt! Truffle hunters from Karlić Tartufi, Pietro & Pietro and Prodan Tartufi are presented as three family-owned companies that will provide guests with the challenge of finding truffles in the forest, as well as their preparation.  

Reside is the exclusive edition of Sotheby’s International Realty® real estate network dedicated to inspiring different areas and lifestyles from around the world. The magazine recently won the coveted Hermes Platinum Award for recognised excellence in design and editorial creativity, and is also distributed alongside Sotheby's at Auction magazine, providing exclusive access to the company’s Auction House’s secret client base.  


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