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Wine Ambassadors of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles delighted with Istria

By hosting the most prestigious wine competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, which will be held in Poreč from 11 to 14 May, Istria was also visited by five wine ambassadors who, in the organization of Vinistra - the association of winegrowers and winemakers of Istria, after touring the peninsula and Istrian wineries, were impressed by the indigenous varieties, gourmet offer, rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes of the region of Istria.

"Istria offers a perfect combination of world class eno-gastronomy, cultural heritage and Mediterranean ambience with picturesque places that create unique landscapes. We are particularly impressed by the truly excellent malvasia and teran wines, indigenous varieties that best describe the Istrian land and people“, said the ambassador from Great Britain, Brazilian-born Luma Monteiro.

Together with her colleagues Swiss Pierre Thomas, Spanish Alejandro López Facorro Paadin, German Thomas Brandl and Italian Luigi Salvo, she discovered which Istrian wines are best paired with traditional asparagus, truffle dishes, fuži and pljukanci pasta, gnocchi with boškarin meat, Istrian špaleta (little prosciutto)…

Along with tastings in Matošević, Kozlović, Rossi, Agrolaguna and Medea wineries in Istria and the tasting of premium wines from the Motovun area-organized by famous Fakin, Benvenuti, Bertoša, Valenta and Tomaz winemakers in cooperation with the Motovun Tourist Board, they were especially impressed by the most recognizable Istrian historical attraction – Arena in Pula.

The ambassadors of this year's Concours Mondial de Bruxelles are well-known wine journalists who are, during the judging in Poreč, expected to lead a masterclass on Istrian indigenous varieties for judges from their speaking areas.

The most awarded Istrian variety is Istrian Malvasia, straw yellow in colour, with a pleasant aroma of acacia flowers and moderate freshness. Higher altitudes in central Istria, facing south, are reserved for teran, Istrian red indigenous variety known and adored for its wild herbal aromas and drinkability.

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